Peoria, Illinois’ hometown heavy hitters, Darker Than Fiction, are no strangers to the white-knuckle grit required to bring a musical vision to realization. Comprised of veteran musicians Josh Hall, Jamie Moore, Andy Hillis, Josh Hedden, and C.J. Parker, DTF took root in 2017 with the overarching (and unwavering) goal of collaborating to deliver a unique and provocative sound.

A blend of cutthroat down-tuned aggression and haunting melodic passages the band’s 2021 debut album, “Submerged”, ushered in what would become DTF’s signature sound. In support of their first offering, Darker Than Fiction has had the distinct honor of sharing the stage with fellow musicians Heartsick/ Mantra Of Morta/ City Of The Week/ Dead By Wednesday/ Marc Rizzo/ LYLVC/ Scream At the Sky/ Andrew W. Boss/ The Veer Union/ A Killer’s Confession.